Until We All Belong

Source: CSS Design Awards
Link: https://untilweallbelong.com/

My initial impression is that it is very modern, visually pleasing, fun and interactive. I think that it is really cool and interesting that the sections enlarge when you hover over them. The large images are very eye-catching. I also like the use of the hamburger menu navigation. It keeps the homepage looking clean and minimalistic. I like how responsive the site is as well. The sections on the page stack for mobile and it is still very simple and visually appealing. 

I think this homepage does a very good job at grabbing the viewers’ attention and leading them to the main action items. I don't think I would change anything about this page. This was a very well executed site. Even the secondary pages are very simple and interesting. I really love the typography and how the block text overlaps the images. This is usually very difficult to pull off in a way that does not interfere with the image in a distasteful way AND maintain the legibility of the text. I also love how the site is so interactive. If you click "Get Started", it takes you through a few steps to customize a pledge for equality. The interactions are made simple and involve moving your mouse around the page. It seems like these interactions would translate well to other devices. 


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