KIKK Festival

Source: CSS Design Awards

I love the graphics used on this website. The homepage is very eye-catching and definitely makes me want to explore and see what this festival is all about. The homepage has certain elements animating. I didn't find the animations on this site to be too distracting, which is how I've been feeling about other websites that use a lot of animation. The only animation I don't like on this website is the squiggling of the images. I think it is supposed to give the viewer a feeling of looking at the images under water, but I think the movement should be more subtle or the images just shouldn't move at all.

I love the typography on this site. The illustrative typography is great and I like how its used for the "More Details" buttons. The hierarchy of text is good and understandable.

The site is easy to navigate. I think its good that the "Get Tickets" button is with the rest of the navigation, but it has a pop of color. This is the main action item and it is the first thing you see when you start trying to navigate the site. This is convenient for viewers who came to the site already knowing that they want tickets.


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